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Get the Specs!

Consider your glasses as an additional piece of jewellery and bear this in mind when choosing what other items you wear.

Either earrings or a necklace will look good, but too much jewellery would give off a distinctly art-teacher vibe.

Dangly earrings look best with hair down so they catch the light as you move. Whereas short hair or hair-up is better suited to a diamond stud.

Glasses for those who are short sighted will make eyes appear smaller so use eye make-up that makes eyes look larger. But if you are long sighted, lenses will magnify eyes, so keep the make-up simple. – Danielle Wilson from Rockcandy Gallery

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    • rivazge
    • Posted May 7, 2008 at 2:45 pm
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    Thanks for giving a such wonderful and attractive information….

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