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What’s Forever21 thinking?!

Fashionista is calling out those fashion retailers that encourage environmental responsibility via messages on printed tees, but do the opposite in their own business practices.

Last week Fashionista deemed Forever21 “the number one offender” for printing a tee that asks “What’s Your Carbon Footprint?” while shipping from Asia factories, using chemical dyes and treatments, and manufacturing yellow plastic bags.

This week, Fashionista highlights a story in the Wall Street Journal that decodes “green” and what does and does not legitimize fashion companies’ claim to “green.”

The story features companies with genuine messages, including Patagonia, Timberland, and Edun, and the trade-offs designers must consider with “eco” production, including the use of recycled materials, bamboo, fair trade, and organic cotton.

There’s no standard from which a fashion company can claim to be natural, organic, green, eco, etc. so it’ll be interesting to see if/how “educational” media affects consumer behavior and drives companies’ CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] efforts.  

Read more at PRWeek US here.

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