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Getting Married?

Did you know that on average, a bride will try on at least 17 gowns and visit at least three different bridal boutiques before finding the perfect dress.

The most important thing brides have to remember is that the “ideal dress” is not necessarily the one a particular celebrity wore on her wedding.

And it’s not one that immediately says, “Cinderella.”

But the ideal dress is one that fits you best, according to your body shape, size and style.

The folks at DealMax share five important tips.

  1. Get inspiration. Internet sites and bridal magazines are the best place to find the preferred style. Start out with a general idea of the desired kind of dress: traditional, straight, empire line, princess line, etc. Gather as many ideas as possible, and bring those pictures to the bridal boutique.
  2. Diversify. Don’t zero in exclusively on one style or one particular designer. Having an open mind helps brides explore different options, and some dresses look plain on a hanger but fabulous on a body.
  3. Be practical. Consider the season when choosing the design and fabric of the dress. A long, tight gown or a puffy one can make it harder for the bride to walk or dance. As for fabrics, let the season decide. Think brocade, satin, velvet and other heavy fabrics for fall and winter ceremonies. Spring and summer wedding gowns call for pure cotton, lace, silk, chiffon, and light fabrics.
  4. Stay budget-conscious. A top-designer wedding gown (Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta, Oleg Cassini, Vera Wang, etc.) can cost more than a two-month honeymoon in Europe, but there are ways to get a designer gown without paying the price. Visit bridal salon chains and look for sample sales to get designer gowns for half-price or less. Don’t forget to add the cost of veil, headpiece, lingerie, shoes, jewelry and alterations to the dress budget.
  5. Bring backup. Sales clerks will give advice, but they also work on commission. Bring mom or a trusted friend along to provide feedback and honest opinions. Take their suggestions into consideration, together with your own instincts. If a bride has to be reassured that the dress looks great on her, it’s probably not the one. 



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