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You may be familiar with the BET series, “We Got to Do Better,” starring Charlie Murphy.

Or maybe you’ve visited the popular website

Now Jam Donaldson, creator of the TV show and web site, is creating another indulgence for Hot Ghetto Mess lovers…


The Washington, DC based Donaldson has taken some of the most commonly misused phrases and fused them with fresh graphic design to create the tees, which target the high-end, hip-hop-loving market.

The shirts feature tongue-in-cheek slogans like

“Conversate is not a word”

“It Isn’t Ironical”

“I, Myself isn’t necessary”

“My clothes make a statement literally and figuratively, translating the message of ‘We Got to Do Better’  in a creative way that I’m proud of. I’m showing that the quest to do better isn’t limited to classrooms, it can be incorporated in all aspects of life. Plus they’re just hot,” says Donaldson. The men’s and women’s T-shirts are 100% soft cotton and printed with a water-based ink for a soft feel, that’s also easy on Mother Earth.

Already popular in the US and in the UK, the clever designs are available exclusively online at



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