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Someone may have stolen your identity if you shopped at Forever 21 on certain dates in 2004 and 2007.

They are: March 25, 2004; March 26, 2004; June 23, 2004; July 2, 2004; July 3, 2004; August 4, 2007; August 5, 2007; August 13, 2007; and August 14, 2007.

The retail chain has posted a notice to its website,, to alert customers who shopped at their stores on those dates.

Law enforcement recently informed Forever 21 that their systems may have been illegally accessed to obtain customer payment card information.

Top brass at the store have determined that this incident may also have affected a subset of Forever 21 customers who also shopped at their Fresno, California store located as 567 E. Shaw Ave. between November 26, 2003 and October 24, 2005.

Customers with questions about this incident can contact Forever 21 at the following customer service number, 1-888-757-4447.

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