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Palin, Palin, PALIN…

She’s splashed on newspaper and magazine covers and hogging your news segment — because of her role in reenergizing the Republicans and because of her EYEGLASSES.

Now almost every frame maker / retailer is being bombarded with requests for Palin’s extra pair of eyes.

Just so you don’t run out and get them — only to be disappointed that they don’t fit exactly like hers do, I thought I’d post a few tips to consider when you’re selecting frame.

Matching Eyeglasses to The Shape of Your Face

1. The shape of the eye glass frames should draw a contrast with your face shape.
2. Your eyeglasses should enhance your personal features; for example, your black hair or brown eyes.
3. Your glasses should be sized in proportion to your face size; i.e. not too large or too small.

Eyeglasses Frames for the Seven Basic Face Shapes

• Round – The purpose of the frame will be to make the face look a lot thinner and longer. Narrow angular frames that are wider, like a rectangular shape will work best.
• Oval – Probably the most balanced shape for a face, this face shape can look good in most any shape frame.
• Oblong – The frame has to make the face appear shorter so try frames that have a slightly lower bridge which will help the nose appear short, also go in for some contrasting temples to make the face look wider.
• Base-Down Triangle – These shapes have very narrow foreheads. Frames with more emphasis on the top like cat-eye shapes, will help to emphasize the upper half of the face.
• Base-Up Triangle – Rimless frames go best with such shapes minimizing the effect of the upper half.
• Square – Usually the epitome of strength, oval frames and other narrow frame styles may help to soften the strong features.
• Diamond – The rarest of shapes, these go best with rimless frames or even cat-eye shapes.


Matching Eyeglasses To Your Eye, Hair and Skin Color

In addition to the shape of the face, it is best to choose eyeglass frames that go best with your eyes, skin and hair and complement your personal clothing.

Eye, skin and hair colors can all be divided into warm and cool colors.

You need to decide whether your colors are warm or cool, and then select an appropriate eyeglass color.

Usually, the colors that go well with warm coloring are warm colors themselves like frames in gold, copper, peach, even fire-engine red, some off-whites and some blue and blond.

Cool coloring again goes well with cooler shades for frames – blue, pink, maybe magenta, rose, black for those who are willing to experiment and jade.

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