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Some people absolutely hated what they saw.

Others are in love with on-trend collections from Lauren Conrad and Ed Hardy that showed are LA Fashion Week.


Seems like it was hell trying to get in after celebs like Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum, Billy Zane and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth had taken the prime spots.

So maybe all who were able to attend were so starstruck at having gotten in, they automatically gave everything a thumbs up.

But then there’s personal stylist, Alan McCune, who raved, “I love Lauren’s jersey pieces because they are relaxed and glamorous and can transition from day to night effortlessly. Christian’s American Lord Collection is very exciting with vibrant colors that pair brilliantly with stripes and plaids.”

Then there’s society fashion columnist, Darren Bettencourt, who’s been echoing the admiration.

“Christian’s American Lord Collection is simply genius and his unconventional mix of formality and modern street chic is divine. LC’s collection was stunning and perfectly reflects her Southern California lifestyle: free spirited and bohemian chic with loads of glamour.”

Looks like they completely looooove Lauren’s collection.

Maybe it’s time to check and see what the real¬†critics are saying!

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