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Apple Bottoms is launching an eyewear line.

Their camp says while the collection was launched in fall 2008, it will soon be available at optical specialty stores nationwide.

“The Apple Bottoms eyewear will come in a variety of innovative, alluring styles,” they said.

Also on the cards is a line of limited-edition prescription sunglasses and eyewear, which will be available in spring 2009.

Apparently, all this comes after Apple Bottoms collaborated with Pan Oceanic Eyewear, Ltd. and launched a sunglasses line.

The collection, “which was inspired by the same trend-setting sunglasses designed throughout Europe, “have been flying off the shelves since they were launched.”


  1. Thanks for the information. I didn’t know Apple Bottoms was going to start coming out with eye wear, I’ll definitely look into it.

  2. This will be cool. It’s nice to see more and more fashionable lines getting into eyeglasses. Perhaps if this trend continues, it will be cool to wear glasses one day.

  3. This is great news!

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