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It was not a good year for fashion designers, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag.

However, fashionista mom Gwen Stefani topped the popularity list over Angelina Jolie.

This, according to eBay’s yearly pop culture shopping analysis.

  • In the epic battle between LC and the villainous reality couple, “Speidi”, the cast came out looking low-grade with the eBay public.
    Just 1,082 
    Lauren Conrad related items were sold on the site this year, while 323 Heidi Montag related items sold.
    As for publicity mastermind 
    Spencer Pratt, only a paltry 10 related items were sold the entire year; looks like the staged photo ops backfired. Pathetic!
  • The long-standing battle between the two top pop divas continued on eBay.
    The Material Girl, 
    Madonna, outshone Mariah Carey five to one with 96,511 related items sold compared to Mariah’s 20,358 related items.
  • This year, celeb moms-to-be were spotted everywhere, including on eBay. Buyers went bananas for rocker mom Gwen Stefani who had 27,626 related items sold compared to Angelina Jolie’s 14,373 related items sold.

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