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I love to celebrate individuality.

And Kim Kardashian sure does stand out with a glaring fashion risk.

Her new sunglasses, which she blogs about, are actually looking kinda fly.

They’re by Maison Martin Margiela.

Never heard of them?

Check out their store on Greenwich Street if you’re ever in New York.

There’s also one in Beverly Hills.

Read Kim’s blog post.


Finding a pair of jeans that fits well can be pure drama.

Too big in the waist, makes your butt look too big or too squishy, length’s too short or too long, etc, etc…

Good news is there’s a jeans brand, indi, that’s trying to solve our problems.

Imagine logging on to a web site, choosing from hundreds of possible style variations, answering a few body shape questions, and having a custom fit pair of jeans made just for you.

I haven’t tried it yet but it sure sounds interesting.

Go ahead, create your own now.

Michael Kors is getting hit with a lawsuit for trademark infringement and “other causes of action.”

Sounds strange for an A-list designer, doesn’t it?

Anyhow, the party filing suit is Tony Duquette, Inc., which controls the  intellectual property rights associated with the late designer and artist Tony Duquette.

They allege that Kors infringed the Duquette proprietary name and trademark by producing and marketing a Kors Resort Collection using the name Duquette without permission.

The Duquette clan is also claiming that Kors used the Abrams book “Tony Duquette,” photographs, images and patterns from the book, and images of Duquette and his long time business associate and co-designer, Hutton Wilkinson, in advertising and promoting the Kors collection.

Damages and injunctive relief are sought.

No word on the amount yet. Stay tuned. 


Just letting you know you can now shop a few items from Whitney Eve, Whitney Port’s new fashion line. 

While her official online store isn’t opened yet, you can take a peek and purchase here. Read More »



How stupid can one person be?!

Every week I’ve watched Lipstick Jungle, admiring the fashion, the styling, etc.

I think I’ve pretty much settled on the fact that most of the ensembles are out of my reach (at least for now).

However, one stage manager for the show didn’t think so.

Now he could find himself in jail for stealing $30,000 in designer digs from the show, according to a CNN report.


NEW YORK (CNN) — A stage manager on production facilities for the NBC show “Lipstick Jungle” has been charged with stealing almost $30,000 in designer fashion from the show, the Brooklyn district attorney’s office said.

Arthur Moreira, 27, was arrested Friday in a sting operation that included officers buying stolen goods from Moreira at his apartment, according to a statement from the district attorney’s office.

Employees of French designer Sylvia Toledano first detected the fraud after finding several items that the fashion house had lent to the show on eBay, according to the district attorney’s office.

Among 16 items stolen from Brooklyn-based Broadway Ventures, which owns the production and storage facilities used by “Lipstick Jungle,” were sequined mosaic clutches, an Oscar de la Renta snakeskin bag and Gucci coats, the office said.

Moreira was being held by authorities in Brooklyn pending arraignment.

Fashion plays a major role in “Lipstick Jungle,” a comedy-drama focusing on three high-powered friends. The cast includes actresses Brooke Shields, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price. 


Read the original report.


Storefronts and show windows are looking all red these days.

Maybe you’re like me and totally not into the wearing-red-on-V-day trend.

Turn your calendar back eight days and you might want to reconsider.

February 6 is Wear Red Day, hosted by Go Red for Women, the movement that helps fight against heart disease (the leading killer of  American women).

Join millions of women in using fashion as a powerful way to raise awareness of heart disease.

Visit Shop Go Red to find apparel and accessories, or just wear something fabulous from your closet. 😉

You know DrJays.

It’s that store that sells mostly street and urban fashion.

And instead of hiring professional models to showcase their new offering for spring, they’re giving regular people the opportunity to appear on their web site.

Through its national model search, Fresh Faces of Spring 2009, the store will give aspiring models a chance to enter from today to Monday, February 23.

All you need to do is upload a 30-second audition video to

The site’s community will rate your video.

Two winners – one male, one female – will be chosen for their “broad appeal, spirit and passion” to be the face of’s Spring 2009 campaign.

Winners get to

  • fly to the store’s creative studio in San Diego
  • be put up in a downtown hotel for two nights
  • star in a photo shoot featuring the leading brands in urban wear

So it’s been rumored that it’s the end of the road for “The Hills.”

Are we really ready to part ways with our weekly reality / fashion obsession?

MTV’s asking you to vote in their poll (as if they haven’t already made up their minds on the fate of the show…)

We’ll entertain them anyways.

Have your say.


A few posts ago, news broke of the Simmons Jewelry Spongebob collection.

Now two members of the Simmons dynasty are making another money-making announcement.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons have formed a partnership with August Accessories.

The company will design, manufacture, and sell the new Pastry Accessories line.

According to a statement, the girls will be a major part of the design and creation of the accessories, which arrive in stores fall 2009.

Look out for watches, hats, and cold weather accessories from the Daddy’s Girls stars.

They’ll  be available at “better department stores and specialty stores” nationwide.

Price points? $15.00 to $150.00. Not bad for us recessionistas!

A kind representative from American Express emailed me with a little update.

She wants our readers to  know that they’ll be under the tents at Bryant Park for the entire week – February 13-20.

February 14-15, of course, is when the Skybox will be open to their top-tier Cardmembers with those By-Invitation-Only packages.

Hope this clears things up…