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Rule #1: Fake It!

Staying calm and relaxed will help you enjoy the party or event for what it is, and you can free yourself from the anxiety of how you look by simply looking beyond it. Just accept the mistake, take a deep breath, and act like you’ve made the perfect fashion choice. Breaking into any new environment usually takes at least 15 minutes, so the more you can focus on getting adjusted, the easier it will be to just be yourself!

Rule #2: Laugh It Off!

Don’t stand back in fear of someone picking on you; make a joke of it yourself by commenting on how you “missed the memo” or “forgot to change after my Oscar speech.” Having a sense of humor about the situation will lower your anxiety, and can make both yourself and people around you more comfortable.

Rule #3: Find Comfort in Your Own Skin

Being comfortable in your own skin means being able to face the crowd no matter what you’re wearing. Just be yourself, smile, pay attention, and remember that the event will have an ending point! Being comfortable helps you stay confident regardless of what is going on around you, so you won’t be left at the mercy of other people’s comments or judgment.

Rule #4: Think About Tomorrow

Did you miss an important line in the invitation?Could you have called ahead to confirm the dress code? Think of what you may have missed this time around, and resolve to take action at the next opportunity. You can only live and learn, so make the most of it and put it behind you!


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