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Reports indicate that ANTM winner, Eva Pigford (now Marcille) is set to marry Lance Gross.

According to several blog posts around the web, Gross popped the question on Christmas Day.

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With a little creativity, you can put together a look that makes you feel like a million bucks, but still fits your budget – Whitney Thompson, ANTM winner

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Some of us were crushed when Janice Dickinson left the ANTM judging panel.

She left an aching void for the folks who watched mostly for her over-the-top entertaining remarks.

Now that she’s got her own show on Oxygen, it’s been double the drama.

Her recent blog entry made me remember the ANTM Janice who we really loved (or hated).

After firing the agency’s plus-size section and deciding to relocate to NYC, she took the opportunity to write this stinging post! Read More »

America’s Next Top Model winners Saleisha Stowers and Nicole Linkletter were among the models that presented the Lana Fuchs Couture collection during the Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Los Angeles. 

Joel Madden, Camille Anderson, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, and LA Laker Lamar Odom were there.

After Lana Fuchs launched her Spring 2009 line in the Main Tent at the Mercedes-Benz 7th Annual Fashion Week in Los Angeles last week, they all gave a standing ovation.

But who is this designer who splashed the runway with exuberant colors and handmade embellishments?

In a debut showing, titled “Rhapsody In Bloom,” Fuchs brought out a romantic bouquet of ultra feminine shapes juxtaposed with bold prints and floral notes.

America’s Next Top Model winners Saleisha Stowers and Nicole Linkletter were among the models that presented the collection on the runway.

America’s Next Top Model has finally been spun off.

Reuters reports indicate that the new show, “Operation Fabulous,” will feature some familiar faces from the ANTM judging cast.

The CW is spinning off its hit reality series “America’s Next Top Model.”

The network has ordered a pilot for “Operation Fabulous,” starring “Top Model” regulars Jay Manuel and J. Alexander and executive produced by “Top Model” chiefs Tyra Banks and Ken Mok.

On “Fabulous,” “Jay and J,” as Manuel and Alexander are called on “Top Model,” will travel the country giving women makeovers. In various towns, the duo will select five participants and give them “Top Model”-style overhauls — how to dress, wear their hair and makeup and bring out their confidence with the support of family, friends and their community.

The project seeks to capitalize on a fan-favorite “Model” segment, when contestants are given head-to-toe high-fashion makeovers supervised by Alexander.

Manuel and Alexander have been with “Model” since the series’ debut on UPN in 2003. Manuel is the creative director of show’s photo shoots; Alexander is a runway expert who has been a judge for the past few seasons.

“Model” airs twice a year on the CW. Although ratings have ebbed in recent years, the reality show remains the network’s highest-rated series.

“Fabulous” would mark the third fashion-themed reality series on CW from Banks and Mok, who also executive produce the network’s series “Stylista,” slated to debut October 22, which features contestants vying for an editorial position at Elle magazine.


Image: AP Photo/Pottle Productions, Mike Rosenthal

It’s a new twist for ANTM — and it’s sparking lots of debate. Read More »

If “The Devil Wears Prada” were a reality show, it would be STYLISTA.

That’s what the folks at The CW are saying about their new show, Stylista.

The reality flick follows 11 fashion enthusiasts elbowing one another for a coveted job with the Elle mag editorial team.

But the fall-premiering show set to air Wednesdays at 9 is getting a thumbs down from at least one major fashion commentator.’s blog, “The Cut” gives a scathingly honest review.

In the few clips we saw (you can watch more here and here), it became immediately apparent that Stylista will be carefully constructed to mimic The Devil Wears Prada. Slowey’s office vaguely looks like Meryl Streep’s from the film, and when Slowey enters it, she carelessly flops her coats onto one of two assistant desks outside, just like in the movie.

 It highlights in a painfully obvious way how desperately Elle wants to be Vogue. And it’s uncomfortable.

I’ll admit it, with the promotional spots in full swing on The CW, good reviews or not, I’m still curious about what Tyra Banks and Ken Mok (of ANTM fame) have cooked up for this one in their roles as executive producers.

Be your own judge and watch the preview here.

Why are the ANTM winners not on the runway?!

Eva Marcille (formerly Pigford), ANTM alum, joins the cast of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS next Wednesday on CBS. 

Marcille plays Tyra Hamilton, Devon’s (Bryton McClure) aunt, who is a single mother to daughter Ana. 

Reuters is reporting that Congressman Anthoney Weiner, is advocating given international models a better chance at coming to America to strut their stuff on the runway.

A New York congressman who has been romantically linked by tabloid newspapers to several high-profile, beautiful women, is one step closer to creating a special work permit for foreign fashion models.

Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, a 43-year-old bachelor, has proposed legislation giving international beauties their own U.S. visa category, rather than have them compete with computer analysts and scientists for the non-immigrant H-1B visa for skilled professionals.

“From Fashion Week to our vibrant publishing industry to the many designers that call New York City home, fashion is a vital part of our economy that drives thousands of jobs,” Weiner said in an email to Reuters.

The New York Post recently romantically linked Weiner to Huma Abedin, who was recently featured in Vogue magazine. Weiner introduced his proposal in the House late last year which has not yet been scheduled for a vote, though it was recently referred to the Committee of the Whole, where less rigid rules allow bills to be passed quicker.

The bill aims to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to create a separate category for fashion models, and would limit the number of visas to 1,000 for each fiscal year, according to a document that accompanies the bill.

The number of international models who were issued H-1B visas has halved to 349 in the 2007 fiscal year, from nearly 800 a few years ago according to the document.

About 60 percent of U.S. fashion shoots involving international models are managed out of New York City, said Bruce Morrison, a former congressman who represents the U.S. fashion industry in the bill proposal.

Read more.