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You’ve probably bought a bra before only to get home and realize it’s the wrong size, or the fit isn’t as great as the sales associate made you believe.

Now instead of canning it, you can become part of “Gigi’s Bras for Charity” bra donation drive.

Launched by, the program finds it success in  women who mail their unused or gently worn bras to

There, the staff collects then expedites the donations to the surrounding Goodwill facilitates of Bucks County, PA. Funds raised by the non-profit organization go directly towards job training, job placement and education within the community.

Mail yours today to:
c/o Gigi’s Bras for Charity
17 Martin Ct.
Newtown, PA 18940

Q: When I go shopping, I usually buy one or two items rather than a whole outfit. They are fashionable and stylish by themselves but when I get home I never know what to wear them with to make a coordinated outfit. Any advice?

A: Yours is a common complaint and part of the reason why so many of us never wear half the clothes in our closet. The trick to making your wardrobe work properly is to stock up with good basics – that way you’ll always have items to match your new purchases.

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