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If your guy begins spending loads of time on his mobile phone, you may be able to blame MediaFLO.

They’ve just struck a deal with Victoria’s Secret to launch the lingerie store’s 24/7 mobile channel.

That’s right; your bf will be able to tune into “VICTORIA’S SECRET TV,” a new, dedicated never-goes-off-air channel that gives viewers an all-access pass to the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on their mobile phones.

It includes behind-the-scenes pre-show coverage and a broadcast of the full show on December 3.


This is awe-some!!

If you love being on-trend, you’ve got to check out

With this online godsend, you can browse and buy the products your favourite celebrities use – in their real lives, in movies and on TV.

What’s more, you can search by brand, celebrity, events and products to track down fab must-haves!

The site says, “Today’s trends for clothes, shoes, sunglasses, cell phones, cars (and just about everything else) start with the world’s true trend-setters – celebrities. And usually, by the time something cool trickles down to the rest of us…it’s not cool anymore. It’s yesterday. It’s over. It’s so last season.”

We agree! We want cool stuff now.

And we ♥ Coolspotters!