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There’s a really cool charity out there that’s just given away 10,000 pairs of Crocs.

They’re the Brother’s Brother Foundation.

And they’ve shipped them all to Guatemala for impoverished children and their families.

The gift is valued at $100,000.

Oh, one more thing.

The shoes are made from recycled materials–a great thing for our environment.

But I can’t help but wonder…If they’re so poor, why not send them food instead?

Brother’s Brother says the shoes go a long way in preventing serious parasite and skin infections, common among poor children around the world who go barefoot.

That’s a good enough explanation, I think.

Bulgari will celebrate its 125th birthday next year.

And the chic Italian luxury goods company will not be selfish in their celebrating.

They’ve chosen to support Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future campaign.

Bulgari’s ultimate goal is to raise euro 10 million for Save the Children by the end of next year.

They’ll set the example by donating euro 1 million in advance.

Then it’ll be your turn.

For just $290, you can Purchase a new, limited edition ring being introduced in Bulgari stores worldwide. The ring is made of silver, in tribute to Sotirio Bulgari, the company’s founder who started as a silversmith in the 19th century. It also features Save the Children’s logo engraved on the inside. $60.00 will go toward Rewrite the Future.

It will be available February 1 – December 30 in Bulgari stores worldwide and online

Numerous celebrities from the worlds of film, culture, and music have already agreed to support the initiative. These include: Willem Dafoe, Benicio Del Toro, Sally Field, Fiorello, Andy Garcia, Valeria Golino, Jason Lewis, Julianne Moore, Gabriele Muccino, Kimberly Peirce, Ben Stiller and Sting.

Join them!

In spite of the United States’ declining economy, a group of shoppers spent about $9 million last weekend. Read More »

You’ve probably bought a bra before only to get home and realize it’s the wrong size, or the fit isn’t as great as the sales associate made you believe.

Now instead of canning it, you can become part of “Gigi’s Bras for Charity” bra donation drive.

Launched by, the program finds it success in  women who mail their unused or gently worn bras to

There, the staff collects then expedites the donations to the surrounding Goodwill facilitates of Bucks County, PA. Funds raised by the non-profit organization go directly towards job training, job placement and education within the community.

Mail yours today to:
c/o Gigi’s Bras for Charity
17 Martin Ct.
Newtown, PA 18940