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You’ve got to check out Bluefly’s Fashion Decision ’08.

With the election only two weeks away, Bluefly customers are already casting their votes in the five-week online election.

Every Thursday, Bluefly asks voters to decide which candidate  one representing red, the other blue – rocked it better. 

From the First Wives-to-be, to the candidates and their surrogates, visitors can riff on, for example, who rocked the Sarah Palin look best  SNLs Tina Fey or the aspiring Veep herself?

Or who wore the other partys color better: Michelle Obama in Republican red or Cindy McCain in Democratic blue?

Check it out!

First Lady Laura Bush, Cindy McCain, Michelle Obama, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and Senators Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton all have something in common.

Pearls seem to be the fashion accessory of choice for prominent females in politics.

  • Michelle Obama wore South Sea pearls at the Democratic National Convention.
  • Mrs. Bush sported pearl stud earrings at the Republican Convention.
  • Governor Palin took to the podium wearing golden South Sea pearls at the same event.
  • Mrs. McCain modeled a four-stranded pearl necklace that seemed to be made of large akoya pearls.
To boot, the world’s largest online pearl company,, says they’ve seen sales increase over the past few months as the Presidential Election takes center stage in the media.


You should know better than to think that we’d actually get carried away with political chit chat!

However, we have picked up an interesting article comparing how each potential First Lady dresses.

With Michelle recently being named to Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed list, she’s my favorite in the fashion department.

However, Samantha Critchell has a fabulous take on both ladies’ sense of style.

Check it out in this post carried on The Republican-American web site.

Bonnie Fuller, columnist for, has written article that’s got our attention.

Headlined “Michelle Obama’s War against The W(B)itchhunters takes a look at how critics have been labeling Obama’s baby mama. It’s a must read.


Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi thinks that her 1950s power style — refreshing bright colors, knee-length skirts and strands of beads around her neck hit the perfect note of approachability and stylishness, and he tells her to stick with it. “Together the Obamas convey a youthfulness that restores the idea that we’re still a nation that is growing, progressing, and full of hope.”

Houston Chronicle newspaper columnist Whitney Casey believes that in the south, Michelle Obama’s bold upright stance and choice of bold colors may turn off voters, who could be frightened by her directness.

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