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Tag Archives: fall trends

Well, it’s not really a fashion forecast.

But a recent study says that our clothing will take on an interesting look in the coming seasons.


  • With modern consumers increasingly becoming brand conscious, apparel with brand images or logos may be on the rise.
    I’m so not a fan of monogramming and conspicuous logo placement! Definitely not looking forward to that.


  • With fashion emerging into a means of self-expression, there is likely to be an increase in demand for unique apparel designs, which make a bold fashion statement. 
    This sounds waaayyy better!


  • Demand is especially high for multi-functional garments which help meet both fashion and performance needs.
    An opportunity to save money? I’m in!


By the way, the folks over at Global Industry Analysts, Inc. who published the study also thought they’d let us know that more details about their report can be found here.

If you needed any more evidence that we’re in an economic slowdown, search no more.

Hemlines are falling and hair styles are softening.

It’s quite an interesting take on the economy’s effect on beauty and style.

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