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During cocktail hour and beyond, when it comes to getting dressed, almost anything goes.

To turn heads while out on the town, show off your sense of adventure by taking a fun, care-free approach to color.

Opt for a solid-colored shift in a brilliant hue and accessorize with equally vibrant pieces including the season’s essential clutch.

To keep things from getting too crazy, stick to fuss-free flats…You can be bold without saying a word.

( to Get You Noticed at Play/Susan Cernek)

How to Make It Work at The Office

From 9 to 5, your hard work should earn you more attention and praise than your wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean your daily uniform has to be bland.

Show you mean business by opting for tailored separates in subdued tones, and incorporate serious-looking accessories—from statement watches to luxe structured bags—to express your personal style.

Avoid heels that are too high or sexy; smart-looking shoes make climbing the corporate ladder easier. ( to Get You Noticed at Work/Susan Cernek)

Swimsuits Back in One Piece!

Seems like the new trend for the summer is one-piece swimsuits. And boy, am I relieved!

We’ve pulled together some quotes from the major influencers and designers in the fashion world that really convince us why we should consider banning the bikini this summer!

“If you’re hoping to make a splash poolside this season, try a one-piece bathing suit.” – NBC’s Today Show

“I’m feeling that one-pieces are a lot sexier than the two-pieces.” – Suze Yalof Schwartz, fashion editor at large at Glamour

“It’s chic, sexy and modern,” Yalof Schwartz says. “It allows for a little imagination.” – Suze Yalof Schwartz (again!)

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Q: When I go shopping, I usually buy one or two items rather than a whole outfit. They are fashionable and stylish by themselves but when I get home I never know what to wear them with to make a coordinated outfit. Any advice?

A: Yours is a common complaint and part of the reason why so many of us never wear half the clothes in our closet. The trick to making your wardrobe work properly is to stock up with good basics – that way you’ll always have items to match your new purchases.

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Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day. They can completely change the look of an outfit, and women like the idea of having a wardrobe that’s versatile. For instance, a strong piece of jewelry can make a simple outfit look elegant. (Giorgio Armani)

The Hattrick!

Hats are like sunglasses. They detract and attract attention at the same time… The best way to wear a hat is “with wit.” Apply a rule of opposites when selecting headgear. A woman with a round face, for example, should wear a square hat; one with a long face, a wide brim. – Albertus Swanepoel, Laird Borrelli (remixed)

Flares are back!

It didn’t take long for us to see flared pants back on the runway. Not just limited to jeans; flares have taken on new prints, textures, and colors. This retro-inspired look is easy to wear and flattering on almost every body. (

Go for natural accessories and go neutral with earthy treats like embellished straw bags and wood bangles.
Marie Claire / Shop Talk

Boot the Black!!

Sure, black is nice.

It’s slimming, sophisticated and makes coordinating clothes a no-brainer. But color, the right color, can transform your looks and your attitude. (April/2008/InStyle – remixed)

Back to Basics!

Over-indulging throughout the year and splurging in the sales, does not a healthy wardrobe make. Start the detox process by refining things down to must-have staples: well-fitting jeans, comfy flats and sexy high heels are a good start that will be boosted with a selection of flattering T-shirts, a figure-loving skirt and a flirty LBD*. The new regime may be hard going at first but stick with it and you’re sure to look and feel much better in no time. – Sharon Forrester (From Glamour Magazine)

*LBD – Little Black Dress