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Get the Specs!

Consider your glasses as an additional piece of jewellery and bear this in mind when choosing what other items you wear.

Either earrings or a necklace will look good, but too much jewellery would give off a distinctly art-teacher vibe.

Dangly earrings look best with hair down so they catch the light as you move. Whereas short hair or hair-up is better suited to a diamond stud.

Glasses for those who are short sighted will make eyes appear smaller so use eye make-up that makes eyes look larger. But if you are long sighted, lenses will magnify eyes, so keep the make-up simple. – Danielle Wilson from Rockcandy Gallery

Baby-doll Dresses!

Finally, a fun and fabulous trend from the runway that works for all us non-models! Baby-doll dresses, with their forgiving fit and romantic feel, are the smart choice for balmy summer weather. Flirty, flowy, and feminine, they are a perfect staple for work, weekend, or travel. Wear with flat sandals for day and transform for night with chunky stacked heels or wedges. For instant, effortless style, choose one in a bold, solid color or floral print. And if you’re feeling extra daring, try a geometric pattern. Best of all, these dresses work wonderfully well with this season’s essential accessories. Try layering with leggings underneath for a not-so-hot day or cinch high above the waist with a funky belt for an edgier look. —Tracey Anderson (From

“An embellished collar works like jewelry and frames the face,” says Dan Castle of Castle Starr. Of course, it’s meant for the evening. Just add a clutch and a pair of heels and you’re all ready. (From Apr/2008/InStyle)

Plain white will just not do. Eyelet, embroidery and swirling patterns create an overlay of intrigue. “The innocence of white lends itself nicely to sculptural effects,” says designer Savannah Miller of Twenty8Twelve. (From Apr/2008/InStyle)


Compliment brightly colored pieces with a gleaming pair of this season’s must-have gladiator sandals. “They are good with spring dresses,” fashion expert Cynthia O’Connor says. “Wear them with shorter dresses as a signature look.” (From


Itching to find out what’s rocking the runway?

Can’t wait to discover the next biggest trend so you can get your hands on it?

For the true fashionistas out there, we’re pleased to introduce our Fash Fix series – a dose of healthy style tips that’ll do you good!

We can’t promise we’ll post a Fash Fix everyday but you can be certain that we’ll try our best-est to share all the great ones when we come across them!