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We don’t mind wearing clothing that’s environmentally friendly but it helps if it’s fashionable too.

Cotton Incorporated, known for its campaign, “Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives,” has released three new ads to prove our point.

Headlines for the campaign include

  • “If It’s Cotton, You’ll Know It’s Green (Even If It’s Pink)”
  • “Cotton. Style That Comes Naturally”
  • “Cotton. Green Before It Was Even In Style.”
And they all feature women in very fashionable cotton clothing that’s also very green.


We’ve got great news for our environment-loving fashionistas with a little (a lot of) cash to spare!

Stella McCartney has partnered with LeSportsac to design an eco-friendly handbag/luggage collection.

The pieces are made of fabrics developed from 100% recycled materials–and are in keeping with LeSportsac’s tradition of creating alternatives to leather accessories.

The Spring/Summer 2008 limited edition collection is being hailed by the makers as “practical, yet desirable accessories that can be used across all aspects of life.”

The new line features tones of “dirty pinks, deep plums and silver greys.”

The environmentally friendly, trendy pieces retail between $98 and $475.

Buy them here. has appointed white as summer’s primary color.

And I have to agree.

“Amidst the season’s punchy purples and greens, white radiates.

Pair tops, bottoms, and dresses (yes, white on white!) to sport this refreshing trend,” says the online retailer in its most recent email newsletter.


What’s Forever21 thinking?!

Fashionista is calling out those fashion retailers that encourage environmental responsibility via messages on printed tees, but do the opposite in their own business practices.

Last week Fashionista deemed Forever21 “the number one offender” for printing a tee that asks “What’s Your Carbon Footprint?” while shipping from Asia factories, using chemical dyes and treatments, and manufacturing yellow plastic bags.

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