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Tag Archives: Mask, the world’s largest online retailer of halloween costumes, accessories and party supplies has issued a release saying they have 100% successfully predicted the next President of the United States since 2000 based solely on the sales of candidates’ masks.

This year, The Company took our Mask Poll a step further and tracked mask sales during the primaries. The results showed McCain taking a significant lead for the Republicans early on; and similarly to polls nationwide, Obama and Clinton were neck-in-neck from January through the very last primaries. Obama had an early lead after Super Tuesday, but Clinton came back strong towards the end making it the closest race in the Poll’s 8 year history. Mask sales as of June 5th have Barack beating Hillary 50.38% to 49.62%. 

According to the poll, if the 2008 election took place today, Barack Obama would be our next president, since he is currently leading McCain in total mask sales by 50.77%. McCain has 49.23%. The people have spoken, the votes are in and according to mask sales; the people want Barack Obama over John McCain as of June 5th.