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A few nurses have come up with ways to spend the $150,000 that bought Gov. Palin’s wardrobe.

A new internet game posted this morning by the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, , lets web users themselves find other uses for the shopping spree the Republican National Committee famously spent on wardrobe and makeup for Gov. Sarah Palin.

“The secret is out. There is a Marxist in the Presidential race. She’s just not on the Democratic ticket. The real Marxist is in the McCain camp, the Neiman Marxist adorned in that fetching $150,000 wardrobe,” says CNA/NNOC Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro.

“It’s extremely disingenuous to paint yourself as a ‘hockey mom’ or the voice of ‘Joe Six Pack’ when you’re strutting around in a $150,000 outfit,” said DeMoro.

“Real working people live and dress far differently,” DeMoro noted.

The $150,000 shopping spree amounts to, as Sam Stein noted on Huffington Post, more than the average American household spends on clothes in 80 years.

The same $150,000 could buy

  • 15,000 chef coats
  • 5,769 painter’s bibs
  • 5,000 police shirts
  • 4,687 auto mechanics’ coveralls
  • 3,750 pilot uniforms
  • 3,571 housekeeper uniforms

Imagine that!

With just a couple more days until Halloween, some partygoers are making an interesting costume choice.

They’re heading out as Sarah Palin next Friday.

And to complete the look, some are spending as much as $750 for “Palin wigs,” which apparently are flying off shelves and mannequins in New York stores. Read More »

Seems there are just two groups of people in this world who agree with Sarah’s big spend on her new threads.

Politico’s Sarah Abruzzese tracks the story. Read More »

Sarah Palin says she will donate her clothing to charity once the campaign’s over.

However, that didn’t stop Republican donors’ fury today.

They’re asking a couple questions today.

Is spending $150k on clothing in such a short period of time–for an election campaign–even legal?

Shouldn’t she should be able to pay for her wardrobe with her own money?!

Read More »

Being Sarah Palin must be nice.

From a fashion perspective, that is.

Politico reports that the RNC seems to have shelled out $150,000 to pay for the Veep candidate’s wardrobe. Read More »

First Lady Laura Bush, Cindy McCain, Michelle Obama, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and Senators Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton all have something in common.

Pearls seem to be the fashion accessory of choice for prominent females in politics.

  • Michelle Obama wore South Sea pearls at the Democratic National Convention.
  • Mrs. Bush sported pearl stud earrings at the Republican Convention.
  • Governor Palin took to the podium wearing golden South Sea pearls at the same event.
  • Mrs. McCain modeled a four-stranded pearl necklace that seemed to be made of large akoya pearls.
To boot, the world’s largest online pearl company,, says they’ve seen sales increase over the past few months as the Presidential Election takes center stage in the media.