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Tyra covers the current issue of Bazaar and is featured in the cover story dubbed, “American Dream.”

From the runway to the Oval Office, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE for Tyra Banks.

Bazaar casts her as First Lady while she reflects on being a model citizen and the politics of fashion.

View the lookbook.

Read the full article.

With the Presidential Election around the corner, businesses are looking to make mega money with politically themed products.

The newest phenom is a baby clothing line. 

Couture baby fashion creator, Glamajama, is debuting a line of election-themed onesies.

The infant bodysuits, colored with red, silver, and blue, are embellished with either a “Little Republican” or “Little Democrat” studded design on the bodysuit front.

Glamajama CEO and founder, Heather Nolte, explains, “With election season in full swing this is a truly exciting time for America. I couldn’t help but be inspired by the current events. Americans might not always agree on candidates, but I’m campaigning for our onesies to take home the style vote!”