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If you’re a fashionista who’s into labels, you probably zoom right past the Payless shoe store in your mall.

But this holiday season, they’re begging you to give them a try.

First, they’ve pulled out all the stops for the season.

They’ve brought on Patricia Field, famed for her wardrobe contributions to Sex & The City.

Then add Lela Rose and Laura Poretzky with her Abaete collection.

The result? A lukewarm holiday collection with a dash of promise here and there.

Here’s how I rank them.

Loooooves It! (♥♥♥♥♥)



With the right outfit, I’ll try them. (♥♥♥)


Not if I can help it! (♥)



Kim Kardashian is always up to something.

This time, it’s not a new car, a new boyfriend, or a new spot on a reality TV show.

Today, it happens to be

The star is singing the site’s praises in her most recent blog post.

According to her, it pretty much gets a thumbs up for being the every-pair-for-$39-including-tax-and-shipping-trendy-pretty shoe spot on the web!


Robert Shapiro and I have partnered together on a new website! You all might know Bob Shapiro from working with my dad years ago as they were both attorneys.   

Bob has proven to have  lot of success in the web business: He started the website where you can get all legal documents online! I actually incorporated my business online through legalzoom before I even knew it was Bob’s company!

A few months back we partnered up to, which is an online shoe club. It is a super simple site! First you take a fashion survey, then we match you up with a Hollywood stylist who picks out five pairs of shoes for you, that match your personality type — which is determined by the survey you fill out! 

All you need to do is pick out the pair that you want and they are shipped to you for $39.00, which includes tax and shipping! 

These shoes are fashionable and affordable. I hope you all check out ShoeDazzle!