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So it’s been rumored that it’s the end of the road for “The Hills.”

Are we really ready to part ways with our weekly reality / fashion obsession?

MTV’s asking you to vote in their poll (as if they haven’t already made up their minds on the fate of the show…)

We’ll entertain them anyways.

Have your say.


It was only a matter of time until Whitney Port was shipped off to star in her own reality series.

Look out for Whit in MTV’s new show,  “The City”.

It premieres Monday, December 29 at 10p.m. ET/9p.m. Central.

Sneak Peek

  • In the first two episodes airing back-to-back, Whitney leaves the “The Hills” and the familiarity of California behind to strike out on her own.
  • She’ll be working at global design house Diane Von Furstenberg in New York City.
  • With a best friend from her past and a guy she’s head-over-heels for, Whitney will balance a new circle of friends as she navigates the fashion industry’s upper echelon.
  • Sounds kinda boring until you consider that trust issues develop as Whitney contemplates who she can trust in a city full of people with their own agendas.

If you can’t wait until December 29, head over to to browse through cast photos and bios, watch the show trailer and get the latest “City” gossip on the Remote Control blog.


Whitney Port covers the December 14 issue of Page Six Magazine.

The headline suggests Whit is “The New Carrie Bradshaw.”



A while back, Lauren Conrad reached out to her blog’s readers.

She wanted their help naming pieces in her ’09 collection.

Finally, she’s made a decision. Here’s her blog post confirming the names.

Hey! I just named my Fall 2009 collection and here are the names I picked…

Crystal, Julia, Elysha, Jane, Jennifer, Allison, Nikki, Kelly, Lyla, Laura, Natalia, Evelynn, Katrina, Aubrey, Jamie, Vanessa, Jenny, Robyn, Mia, Stevie, Naomi and Tricia.

Thank you guys for sending in so many names! I wish I could use them all, but I can use more for holiday and resort. Thanks again!



In spite of varying reviews, I’ve a seen a piece or two in LC’s collection that I really like.

From now until November 30, buying one of Lauren’s looks is even easier.

Get $25 OFF for every $100 you spend from now until November 30th.

Plus, there’s free ground shipping on orders of $250 or more until December 7th.

And, if you’re in the UK and Canada, now ships to your country.

Happy shopping!


Her Anchor Blue fashion line, Heidiwood, didn’t work out so well.

But here’s hoping Heidi’s marriage to Spencer Pratt works out better!

The couple tied the knot in Mexico and cover the newest issue of US Weekly, which hits stands Wednesday.

Read the exclusive story at US


This just in, folks!

Whitney Port has launched her very own web site.

And it features her Spring collection — one of the pieces is pictured above.

Am I huge fan of what I’m seeing?


But I do admire the gutsy move she’s made to bare her creative soul for all the world to see.

Best wishes, Whit!

View the entire collection.

LC has been hard at work.

She’s finished up her Fall 09 collection – and now she needs your help!

November 21, 2008 – Friday

Names for my Fall Collection

So, it’s that time again…. I’ve just finished designing my Fall 2009 collection. Now, as I do with every collection, I need to name all the pieces. When I was begining I used names and nicknames of my friends and family, but I ran out of names after a few seasons. So, as I was starting to name the pieces in my fall collection, I had an idea. Since it is the support of all the fans that allow me to do this line in the first place, I should name pieces after them. I would love it if you would leave me a comment with your name. You may have a piece in my fall collection named after you. Thanks again for your continued kind words and support! Best wishes!

So be a doll.

Drop Lauren a line and let her know what you think she should name the pieces in her line.

View the official post.

A few days ago, we told you that Lauren Conrad was looking for models to walk in her fashion show.

Now we’ve got confirmed locations for her campus tour.

LC3, (the Lauren Conrad Collection College Tour), will make stops in Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

It’s all a part of Lauren’s attempt to increase buzz about  the Lauren Conrad Collection.

After seeing her on “The Hills” for a whole five years, it’s great to see Lauren taking her passion for fashion design to the next level. 

Seems like Heidi Montag’s fashion design career has taken a huge blow.

According to People Magazine, it’s been dropped by Anchor Blue, the clothing retailer that signed on The Hills’ star and her line just about a year ago.

Why did Anchor Blue jump ship on Heidi?