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There’s a bid to “Diddy” New Year’s Eve in New York.

Thanks to the fashion mogul’s partnership with CÎROC Ultra Premium Vodka.

Diddy and the liquor company have made an unprecedented offer to the City of New York.

They plan to donate $1 million to a charity on behalf of the city in exchange for a New Year’s Eve ball takeover.

The vodka brand wants to change the historic crystal ball to reflect its iconic blue sphere. 

According to them, “The color of the sphere originates from a unique plant that grows in the Gaillac region of France , where CÎROC is still produced, and serves as a symbol of prosperity for the area even today.”

Some people say change is a wonderful thing but I’m not so sure about this one.

Let’s see if Diddy’s actually gonna get away with this one.

I know we just had a Fabulous Thought for Today quoting Tim Gunn. But I just couldn’t resist posting another insightful tidbit from him. It’s remarkably inspiring advice on how to make a true impression with style.

How we dress is a personal form of language; it is highly informed by our society and culture.

So, as you face your wardrobe and prepare to dress for the day, project yourself onto a billboard in Times Square.

How will people respond to that image of you, and what assumptions will they make about who you are?