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A while back, we mentioned that Christian Siriano was all covert about his creation for Whoopi’s Tony appearance.

The Project Runway winner was given the unenviable task of styling The View co-star’s outfit for the awards event.

We think he did a pretty good job.

Your thoughts?

courtesy people.comcourtesy

Christian Siriano’s been selected to dress Whoopi Goldberg for the upcoming Tony Awards.

He gave Entertainment Weekly a bit of inside information on the look he’s working on for the host from The View.

“It’s pieces — it’s going to be a jacket, a pant, and a top, and then she’s going to switch it up and the top’s going to turn into kind of a gown,” he said. ( asked for further detail on this mysterious transforming top, but he wouldn’t budge.) “She doesn’t want to change a lot because she’s not a diva. But she does want to be dramatic because it’s the Tonys, so it’s going to be cool.”

The show airs June 15 on CBS. 

We’ll definitely be tuning in to see what Whoopi will be wearing.